5 Tips to Get the Most of Your Vacation in Chile

Chile is a favorite South American destination of many travelers around the world. It is no surprise that this country does not just offer a wide array of tourist attractions but it also has a rich historical past that tourists love. The welcoming locals also add up as a bonus. So if you want to have the best Chile vacation, you can follow these tips.

Don’t listen to rumors and myths.

Contrary to popular belief, Santiago is a friendly city in Chile. It is quite crowded and the people here are fast-moving but the locals here are genuinely willing to help tourists. So if you want to escape to the city, you can go to Santiago and tour around their colorful neighborhood.

Visit as many highlights as you can.

Chile is the longest country in South America stretching 2,653 miles from the north to the south and only 110 miles from the east. This is why Chile has different climates and diverse landscapes, not to mention the beautiful Patagonia. So if you want to get the most of your Chile vacation, make a shortlist of the highlights that you want to visit. This country is just too huge. You can’t visit everything in a couple of days or even a week.

Prepare for a long night of wine tasting.

A trip to Chile is not complete without experiencing some night clubbing or simply wine tasting with friends. Since the soils in Chile are quite rich in minerals, it produces one of the most exceptional wines in the world.  Don’t miss the Concha y Toro, San Pedro or Lapostolle. These are some really great brands in Chile that you should try.

Chile is surrounded by nature.

Nature-lovers will definitely love it here.  Once you get out of the major sites like Valparaiso and Torres Del Paine, you will see only nature everywhere you go. You can head to Patagonia and enjoy scenic views of mountains, valleys, glaciers, and colorful houses.

Bring extra money.

Like many other South American countries, Chiles is an expensive country so make sure you have more savings when you go here.  The food in Chile is quite great but they usually cost $10 more compared to Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Even taking a long-distance bus ride is a little painful to the pocket. Even so, people still love this country for its natural beauty.