The Best Hotels in Italy Near the Colosseum

The Colosseum in Italy has always been the favorite attraction of many tourists. This is why we’ve made a decision to list some of the best hotels that will bring you closer to this beautiful attraction. Check this out!

Dolce Cassa Colosseo

This hotel is just within a short distance of Palatine Hill and Santa Maria Maggiore. If you plan on touring the Colosseum, you can stay in this hotel. It’s quite simple but it does offer great amenities and free Wi-Fi. There is a fridge for every room where you can store your food. This way, you can bulk buy your provision for the day and simply eat in your hotel and more money for the rest of your escapade.

Residenzia Roma Imperiale

Another hotel that is close to the Colosseum is the Residenzia Roma Imperiale. What we love about this hotel is the on-site restaurant that makes dining quite easy. After a daylong excursion in the Colosseum, you can return to the hotel and savor in the delicious and mouth-watering Italian dishes they serve.

B&B Domus Area

Situated in Rome, this simple hotel is not too far from the Coliseum. What makes this hotel unique are the shared lounge and a garden where you can relax. It’s quite nice here especially when the sun is up. The air is fresh and the ambiance is a bit tropical.

Green 152

Located in Rome, Green 152 is an eco-friendly hotel  with a garden. It is quite near to the Colosseum and is only a 15-minute walk from Trevi Fountain. Solo travelers specifically like this location because it has easy access to the Termini Train Station. Each room of the hotel has all you need for a comfortable stay such as a dishwasher and a microwave.

Italy is definitely a wonderful country. However, we all have heard many horror stories about tourists not finding the comfort they needed because of wrong hotel choices. We hope that this list will help you to have a wonderful vacation in Italy.