Tips When Traveling Abroad For Persons with Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is a disease whereby the pancreas stops insulin production. Insulin allows one to get energy from the food they eat. The natural immune system in the body destroys and attacks the cells that produce insulin. They are known as beta cells, and they are in the pancreas.

Travellers with the disease face a lot of challenges, and those risks are:

·       Changes of the environment and physical activity

·       Too little or too much sleep

·       Taking meals that are not in their typical daily diet

·       Stress impacts are great

Encountering a simple thing such as mild sunburn reacts with a diabetic person and can affect the level of their blood sugar making them sickly while on travel. Hence before the trip, a patient of diabetes should take precautions. We will go through the tips that a person with type 1 diabetes should observe. They include:

Visit your doctor before travelling

You should visit your doctor because he will ascertain if you are fit to go. The doctor will give you any support like a letter that explains your injection supplies, insulin pump and any other equipment you need. They can also be better placed to provide any prescription of the medication that you might require while on travel.

If your destination requires any vaccines, you might need to get them days before your travel date. Your doctor better administers the vaccinations.

Be prepared to handle any emergency while on travel

Depending on your destination, arrange how you can handle any emergency that might come up when you are in a foreign country. Wherever you go, it is crucial you always carry your medical ID, either a necklace or bracelet to show you have diabetes. Be prepared with means and ways that you can seek medical assistance from qualified personnel especially if you are in a country where you are not familiar with the national language.

You should also consult with your travel insurance to find out if they can cover your medical expenses if the need arises while you are out of the country.

Carry diabetic supplies in plenty

You should carry the healthy sugars and snacks that you will require to keep your blood sugar levels as you travel. Many diabetic type 1 travellers have been reported to suffer from inconsistent blood sugar plunges and spikes especially during flights; it is essential that you prepare before your trip.

Pack all the supplies needed for diabetics in your small bag that you can access easily. You must have insulin and all products that dispense it. Also have the blood glucose meters, lancets, and solutions to test the meter, alcohol swabs and blood glucose meter. You should not forget the insulin pump and its supplies, spare batteries, infusion kits, needles and catheter, and plastic tubing. After you have all the equipment stated above, have an emergency kit for glucagon.


When you are packing for your trip, pack with your diabetic needs in mind. For all your medications, do not alter the original packaging. Anyone who needs to assist you in case of an emergency will access them faster that way.