Why Cameroon Should Be Your Next Destination

If a trip to the beach is on your schedule, Cameroon has probably the best around, with completely clear water and fine, shimmering white volcanic sand. Kribi and Limbe are the spots to go for the best beaches, and with their closeness to new fish, you’ll find remarkable fish in the cafés.

It’s not overloaded with tourists

Although Cameroon is a peaceful country with hospitable locals, it is not entirely clogged with tourists. If you want a tranquil vacation in a unique environment, Cameroon could serve you well. Cameroon is often compared with Kenya where nearly 2 million tourists are recorded to visit the country every year, the former is a bit calmer. Expect a lesser crowd and more fun.

Cameroon is a culture rich country

Situated at the social nexus of west and North Africa, Foumban is a socially novel town with German, French and Islamic impacts. Guests love the dynamic homegrown expressions and music scenes, and sights, for example, the Grand Marche, the Grand Mosque, and the royal residence that houses the nineteenth Sultan of Bamoun. A pleasant chance to visit is around the Islamic occasion of Eid, when Muslim stylized traditions and conventional Bamoun functions occur one next to the other.

You must see the Mangrove Nature Trail

Only south of Limbe is the Bimbia Rainforest and Mangrove Trail. When you are with friends a road trip could be ideal. Take a little drive and adventure through the mucky marshes, which are brimming with lowered trees, a gigantic cluster of flying creatures, and even old slave exchanging locales.

You’ve got to see Mt. Cameroon

Mt. Cameroon ejects each 10 to 20 years and is the most dynamic spring of gushing lava in its chain. Ejections here go back to the fifth century B.C. In the event that you need to climb it, head to the charming pilgrim town of Buea and associate with a visit supplier there — climbing takes three to four days absolute.

Sea the tea plantation yourself

Do you love tea? Or have you ever wondered where tea comes from? Wonder no more because you can see where everything comes to Cameroon. You can take a guided tour of the Tea Plantation Factory located in Limbe. It is nestled amid acres of manicured tea bushes with a remarkable mountain in the backdrop. Do you know what will surprise you the most? At the end of the tour, you are going to be rewarded with a cup of tasty oolong and biscuits – they’re so delicious and relaxing!